Introducation about Chinese Domain Name Consortium

On May 19th, 2000, Chinese domain name consortium (CDNC) was set up in Beijing by four NICs around the Taiwan Strait, who are CNNIC, TWNIC, HKNIC and MONIC. As an independent non-profit organization, CDNC will mainly take in charge of the coordination and regulation about Chinese domain name around the world. Since the domestic domain name plays a more and more important role in China, plenty of organizations and companies have shown more interesting and actively joined the research and popularization of Chinese domain name. However, because of the lacks of communication and coordination between them, there are very many differences in their thoughts and technologies to realize Chinese domain name system, which will heavily delay its popularization. To avoid these problems, the four NICs advocated and finally set up CDNC who will improve the coordination and cooperation about Chinese domain name.

CDNC will evaluate all Chinese domain name realizing cases strictly complying by the international criterion, and make the technique standard about Chinese domain name and corresponding regulation about Chinese domain name registration. It as well, coordinates its running in the other countries or regions, communicates and cooperates with all corresponding international organizations so that CDNC can make international standards in near future.